E Sousa Vincent - Rigging Showreel 2010 from Vinzou3d on Vimeo.

This rigging reel blows my mind.  I wish I could go to their school.

ed89-deactivated20110727 said: What was that tip about Mental Ray again? Something about gamma correction?

Color Management: set both to sRGB.  

Edit: Sorry that was a rather short answer.  If you use the Color Management it will fix textures made in photoshop because they are sRGB.  On the other hand though anything procedurally textured in Maya will be washed out and I am guess you will have to use a Gamma correction node for the color channel on anything procedurally texted.

Global Raygun Shootout

Well I am going to participate in the Global Raygun Shootout contest!  I will take any excuse to make a retro futuristic weapon.  I hope some fellow NEU kids also participate!

Videos for anyone breaking into Maya.


Great videos on Gamma Correction and other elements of Maya.

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Transparency Maps and You.

This how you get fine detailed holes without high poly geometry.

Transparency maps are gray scale. White is completely transparent. Black non-transparent.

1. Hypershade.

2. Graph network of shader 

3. create file node 

4. Middle mouse drag file node to shader

5. Go to “other“ 

6. In the connection editor connect out.Color to Transparency

Results can only be seen in workspace if textures and high quality are on.

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Advice when painting weights:

Leave Opacity at 1.000.

With the joint selected set Paint operation to smooth and flood the joint a couple times before you begin.

The colors should transition nicely.  If you are getting colors like in the first photo you need to start over.

Scale mainly subtracts influence unless you set the value above 1.

You can select vertex that have unwanted influence go into paint skin weights then set value to 0 and set paint operations to replace and flood.  This will eliminate influence near the selected verts.

Replace is not subtracting it is actually switching the influence with the number in value.

Happy Painting

Am I doomed to join the masses of other mediocre Maya blogs.

I have to give so much respect to people that make quality blog posts.  It takes so much time to properly make tutorials that are clear and understandable.  Hats off to Master Zap.

I will be making some clear and quick tutorials soon.

Stupid back muscles have been giving me a lot of pain lately.